Friday, July 31, 2009

Set the club earlier to help shorten your backswing

One of the main reasons players over-swing the club is from a lack of the hinging motion with the wrist at the start of the back-swing. Most players have been told, " take a one piece take away", this is usually interpreted as don't hinge the wrist on the back-swing and try to swing straight back. For most players, this will create over-swing which usually leads to a flipping or scooping motion at impact. There are many great tour players out there that set the club (create 90 degree angle between left forearm and shaft) late in there back-swing, but be sure they are not over swinging the club. Tiger woods for example has a late set of the club but doesn't over swing. For those that do over swing the club which usually leads to a scoop at impact, creating thin and fat shots, try this move in your back-swing.

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