Sunday, August 26, 2012

Owen Dawson Golf Instruction Fall Newsletter

2012 Fall Newsletter
Hello From The Lesson Tee!!
The summer is almost over and I hope everyone has enjoyed it. The career change I made this year to full-time Director of Instruction has been a good one - it's been a record year for me. The support and interest in my golf programs, lessons, and instructional website has allowed me to be successful at what I enjoy doing most - teaching golf. I look forward to continuing to improve the teaching program here at the Country Club of Maryland.
I'm gearing up for after-school junior clinics and adult clinics this fall.  There is something for everyone and hopefully you can find time in your schedule to join me on the course or lesson tee.

Golf Tip of the Month
When setting up to hit a chip-shot make sure your spine is vertical (shoulders level) and 75-80% of your weight is in your left leg.
Players, in an attempt to put more weight left, actually bump their hips to the left and their spine tilts away from the target, dropping their right shoulder.

Try these 5 steps the next time your practicing your chipping:
1. Vertical Spine (level shoulders)
2. 75-80% of weight in left leg
3. Weight stays left until finish
4. Short backswing with minimal wrist set
5. Finish with club head below knee level


On-Line Scheduling is EASY!
Click HERE to register and select a lesson type, then pick a day to see available times and book your lesson. Pay on lesson day.

Fall Adult Clinic Schedule
Thursday, Sept. 6th - Short Wedge and Chipping


(Clinic Description)  (Click here to register)

Monday, Sept. 10th - On-Course Clinic 1.5hr


(Clinic Description) (Click here to register)

Wednesday, Sept. 12th - Learn how to practice your putting

Monday, Sept. 17th - On-Course Green Reading and Distance Control
(Approx. 45minutes will be spent on practice putting green learning practice drills to improve your green reading and distance control skills. 45minutes will be on-course to see how to apply those techniques.)


After School Junior Golf Clinics

(Members & Non-Members Welcome)
$100/ Per Junior
8 & Older (4:45-5:45pm)
September - 4th, 11th,18th and 25th

(Click here to register 8 & Older)
8 & Older (4:45-5:45pm)
September - 7th, 14th,28th and October 5th

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8 & Older (4:45-5:45pm)
October - 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd

(Click here to regist er 8 & Older)

8 & Older (4:45-5:45pm)
October - 4th,11th,18th and 25th
(Click here to register 8 & Older)
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