Friday, July 3, 2009

Proper balance in the backswing


Proper balance in the backswing

by: Owen Dawson

Do you ever feel out of balance after you hit a golf ball?

If you’re like most average golfers you have more weight in your toes during your golf swing than you should. Most players that finish their swings with the weight in the toes tend to hit hard shots to the left of target (pulls) but more frequently they hit big slices.

Try this move in your backswing… Start from your regular set-up position and swing your club to the top of your backswing and stop. Where do you feel your weight in your right foot? Heel? Ball of foot? Toes? If you feel the pressure in the ball of your right foot or even in your toes you’re out of balance.


If you feel forward pressure in you right foot try this drill to get a better sensation for proper balance. Take a club and place it across your shoulders standing in a setup position. Make a turn away from the target and try to feel as if you are sitting into your right side. Your right hip should feel likes it’s over your right heel. If you do this correctly you won’t feel any weight forward in you foot. To finish the forward motion you are going to turn to the target and feel as if your weight is shifting across your heels and not into your toes. If you can swing the club while feeling this sensation you will be better balanced and you might even reduce or eliminate your slice.

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