Friday, March 5, 2010


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Hello Students. I'm sure your more than ready for spring to arrive. What a winter..... I'm super excited about this years teaching season. I've upgrade my video software to V1 golf swing analysis. As a techie person, I can tell you, this is pretty cool stuff and it's capability's are incredible. One of the coolest things about this software is it's ability to send a golf lesson video directly to a smart-phone. You receive the lesson through a text message, double click the link and now your viewing you lesson directly from your phone, Pretty cool.............If any video drills are attached to the link, those are available for viewing as well. If you haven't taken the leap and purchased a smart-phone you will still receive you're lesson through your regular email. No more burning a CD which can be lost of forgotten. Once you create a user-name and password for the V1 Golf Academy you can access all of your lessons online. Lessons can even be downloaded to your home computer if you wish. For those that like keeping in touch via Facebook, V1 allows your lessons to be loaded directly into Facebook, for friends and family to view. As our weather continues to improve, I hope to see you all soon.

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